Kniffen Portfolio Management is an independent investment advisory firm that is free from external influences.

Clients are first and foremost - always!


I created James P. Kniffen Portfolio Management, LLC as an independent investment advisory firm to be free from external influences upon the advice and service I give to my clients. My clients are first and foremost - always!

It is my commitment to all of my clients to always conduct myself as a fiduciary.

I will always put your highest and best interest first.
I will act with diligence and care as I serve you.
I will not mislead you. 
I will avoid conflicts of interest.
I will fully disclose and fairly manage any unavoidable conflicts.
I WILL NOT sell insurance and annuities for commission.

My primary service is the management of investments for my clients in their accounts at Charles Schwab. I do not sell investments. I charge a simple and transparent fee.  I receive no other compensation.