James P. Kniffen Portfolio Management, LLC was registered with the State of North Carolina on May 16, 2019.  However, this is simply a new chapter in my 36year financial services career mostly right here in Wake County.  For the past several years I served as Senior Portfolio Manager for a larger firm in Raleigh while also developing and serving my own clients.  In September, 2021 the firm registered and was approved to conduct business in the State of Florida.  In December, 2021, I moved the firm to Vero Beach, Florida.

I currently manage over $35 million for about 45 clients.  The long term business model is simply to do a great job for all my clients.  In so doing, I will earn their loyalty.  As they grow, if I am faithful in what they have entrusted to me, perhaps they will entrust me with more.

Of course, if I am doing a great job for them, they will want to share that with their friends, family and other advisors such as their CPA and attorney.

The relationships I have with my clients are a wonderful benefit of this profession.  But I must never forget - I have been engaged to provide excellent investment management.  I have a job to do!