Jim Kniffen, CFP, CMT, CKA

Wealth Advisor

We are Kniffen Portfolio Management, guided by the expertise and vision of Jim Kniffen. Our dedication as a 100% fiduciary ensures transparency and integrity in every client relationship. Specializing in high-net-worth individuals, we are driven by a passion to simplify financial landscapes, aligning them with our clients’ personal values.

The principles of faith, family, and freedom are central to our ethos. Guided by Jim’s values, we craft financial strategies with the aim of empowering clients to build futures free from financial constraints, allowing them to seize life’s opportunities.

Beyond portfolio management, our commitment extends to education. We offer insightful videos, market commentaries, and resources, ensuring clients possess the knowledge and confidence to navigate their financial paths.

As proud advocates of American values, we hold profound respect for our nation’s veterans and their sacrifices. This reverence is woven into our practice, combining faith and service to deliver a financial management experience rooted in integrity and dedication. Our conviction is that intelligent financial planning not only secures futures but also empowers us to support others and cherish life’s beauty.

A polished and professional photo of Jim Kniffen, confidently posed in a doorway, capturing his poised demeanor, the architectural details of the entrance, and the interplay of light and shadow that frames him.