How We’re Different

At Kniffen Portfolio Management, we prioritize more than just finances; we deeply value faith, family, and freedom.

Meet Jim Kniffen. More than just a financial advisor, he’s inspired by the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes and is fueled by a genuine desire to serve. His daily mission? Ensuring you’re confident in your financial journey.

As a Certified Kingdom Advisor®, Jim’s approach to financial planning stands out. He believes in managing resources with intention and wisdom.

But our services extend beyond mere financial advice. We perceive the broader scope of your wealth, guiding you towards decisions with enduring impact. Your priorities become ours, and we pledge transparency and honesty in all our interactions.

To Jim, this endeavor transcends mere transactions. It’s about forging enduring trust, underpinned by the conviction that integrity is paramount.

When you partner with Kniffen Portfolio Management, you’re not just engaging in business. You’re embarking on a journey defined by core values like faith, family, and freedom. Join us in experiencing this distinctive approach.

A heartwarming photo of a joyous family, holding American flags, proudly standing alongside a man dressed in an Army uniform, reflecting their shared patriotism, the honor of service, and the bond of family support.